It is said that Jesus, walking through the multitudes, diffused a healing power which touched people into wholeness by its Divine Presence. His command stilled the wind and wave. His knowledge of spiritual law fed the thousands. His consciousness of peace calmed the troubled mind. His love was a healing balm to the sick. Have you asked yourself, ”Why can’t I perform these same miracles? Why can’t I live a life of magic?” I believe everyone has.

We do not know how Jesus acquired his wonderful faith, but he must have had moments of doubt and misgiving just as we all do. He must have experienced uncertainty, just as you and I, but unlike most of us, He triumphed. He walked over the waters of doubt, the waves of confusion, and the tempests of fear.

He said, in effect: If you wish to do what I am doing, follow the the few simple truths I have given you. I have told you that the Kingdom of God is at hand. You do not see it because your eyes are so filled with tears that you cannot see; your ears are so dulled with confusion that you cannot hear; your minds are so weighted down with doubt that you cannot understand. What was His remedy for all this? Open your spiritual eyes! Listen with the inner ear! Open your minds!

What is it that we are to open our eyes, our ears and our minds to? What is it that we must see, hear, and understand? It is this: Life flows into everything through everything. It passes into every human event and translates itself through every human act. If you learn to think of life as flowing through your every action, you will soon discover that the things you give your attention to are quickened with new energy, for you are breathing the very essence of Being into them.

You can think yourself into being unhappy and depressed, or you can think yourself into being glad. Did it ever occur to you that you that you can also think yourself into being well? Into being prosperous? That you can think yourself into success? Well you can if you believe in the Law of Life, and use it rightly. But you must learn to use it affirmatively. You must learn to identify yourself with your desires.