This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on January 23, 1955.

This is the fourth of a five week series where Dr. Holmes spoke on the basic concepts of the Science of Mind.

Quote:  “Now you want to pray for yourself and you say, this is the truth about me. This is the law for me, this is the way it is. You want to work for someone else. You merely speak his name and identify your treatment with him. This word is for John Smith, he lives at 108 W. 7th Street, New York City. Now you forget all about him, because there is only one medium, he is over there in New York and you are down here in Los Angeles but this is here and it is instantaneous and simultaneous in its response. It knows all over, therefore, when you say this word is for this person you never send out a thought. There is no where to send it. You do not concentrate your mind, that may be interesting but it isn’t treatment, you don’t do it. A treatment is a conscious, active, purposeful, intentional process of thought or acceptance in your objective state of mind, in your conscious awareness, just as you are right now, for some person, place, or thing, with whom or which you identify your treatment in your own mind but don’t send anything out and don’t hold thoughts, it is not an act of the will.”