Well, just as there are automatic reactions in our physical bodies, so there are deeper ones automatic reactions in our minds. And our mind is really the creative thing within us. But what has this got to do with accidents? Well let us see. It is now known that when we unconsciously look forward to more trouble than pleasure from some particular incident, we unconsciously try to avoid that situation.

For instance, a person starts down the street on an important mission but perhaps he must meet some circumstance that he feels he can’t quite handle. He is not willing to admit this because then he would be calling himself a coward and we all need self esteem. But his subconscious reaction, without the consent of his intellect or conscious awareness, causes him to fall down and break his arm, or his leg, his nose or a rib.

His emotional, unconscious desire has won over the intellect. It has seen to it that he need not meet a situation which he is unconsciously afraid of. You know that one of the axioms of Couee was that when the will and imagination are in conflict, the imagination and not the will always wins. Such is our nature.

It is well known that this can be carried so far that perhaps instead of meeting with an accident, he might be seized with a physical ailment.

This mind of ours is a pretty terrific thing. If it can produce eighty percent of our accidents, what else can it do to you or to me, or to anyone? There isn’t any question but that it governs the unconscious functioning of the body. All those silent forces that conspire to create our experience.