If we enter a certain room and meet certain people while in that room do we debate as to whether or not we have been in that room or met those people ? We accept the sanity of the position and the integrity of our own minds and do not question the validity of the facts. By the same token I accept the facts of many people’s experiences relative to the life beyond the grave, including my own.

I do not believe that those who have passed on are subject to our beck and call for this does not mean liberty. There are occasions, however, when they have made their presence felt and known. It seems that they have real and tangible bodies and live in a real and tangible world and execute real and tangible purposes. Real people would have to experience actual situations and move in consciously discerned circles of activity.

The spiral of life is upward. I do not believe in the return of the soul to another life on this plane. Evolution carries us forward, not backward. Eternal and progressive expansion is its law and there are no breaks in its continuity. I can believe in planes beyond this one without number, in eternal progress. I cannot believe that nature is limited to one sphere of action.

Poets have sung of the eternity of the soul, while the saints and sages of the ages have assured us that man is an immortal being. It is recorded that Jesus rose from the dead and made Himself known to his immediate followers. The faith of countless millions in the Christian Religion has been based, to a great extent, on its teaching of immortality.