The activity of the objective upon the subjective mind is one of making impressions always. Can the subjective mind make an impression on the objective mind? Yes, the subconscious mind has within it all the thought the objective mind thinks it is there and when a person quiets their objective mind and says to it, “Be still,” they can objectify any subconscious thought.

The subconscious mind builds the body from an objective impression but it only does as it is told to do. How is it told? By suggestion, which comes from everyone we contact. Dogs are entirely subconscious and are very impressionable. If you sit down beside a dog and mentally begin to praise it, it will come right up to you. It does not receive it objectively; therefore it must receive it subconsciously.

Now, everyone receives impression in exactly the same way, but few people realize it. If there is an image of thought about your body it will become subconscious. We may call it the soil of the mind and it is like placing a plant in the soil of the mind. The subconscious mind takes the thought and immediately the creative power of mind begins to operate around it. Does it do it intelligently? Yes, but why do we think the subconscious mind can do anything intelligently when it cannot think a new thought? Here is a very fine point. It is subconscious but what do we mean by subconscious? Under the control of some one else but it is not unconscious. Not only does it have intelligence but it has intelligence very much greater than the objective mind, so much greater that there is no comparison between the two. People who speak from inspiration speak from the subconscious mind and the greatest writers have written from the subconscious mind. Harriet Beecher-Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin by getting up in the middle of the night to write it. Every real thing that has ever happened has come from the subconscious mind. Why is that? Because the subconscious mind in itself is in immediate communication with the Universal subconscious mind.