Did you ever take time out of your busy life to sort of think things over and wonder what is back of This Thing Called Life? What is its purpose? Does it have a goal? Is there a meaning to it? And where do you fit into the whole scheme of things?

You, like everyone else, wish to be well, happy and successful. Don’t you think that This Thing Called Life must wish us all to have a full and glorious life? If this weren’t true, why would you have all these secret longings of your heart? For your imagination must flow from some secret source. If this weren’t true, how could new ideas be born in your mind? It seems as though there is an irresistible something trying to interpret itself through everything.

A little seed planted in the ground strives to express itself to blossom and bear fruit. The child happily plays with his blocks, and the adult dreams of more and better things. Since this feeling is in everything, everywhere, and at the very center of your being, you must be following a natural law of life when you conceive of greater possibilities, when you plan out new things to do and when you wish with all the feeling that is in you to live more abundantly.

It is impossible to believe that Life would have implanted this imagination and feeling at the center of your being unless it were possible of fulfillment. For no matter how frustrated you and I may be, we surely cannot think that God is either frustrated or incomplete. We can only think of God as the Giver of life.

Suppose someone were to tell you that life is what you make it, that it really is up to you, and that the imagination that paints all nature with such vivid colors is trying to do something for you, which, of course, it can only do through you, that will make your life warm and colorful. I have often thought, as I have listened to Bill Olvis singing for us, that if I could just turn something loose in myself, maybe I could stand up before this microphone and sing to you in the same glorious way he does.