Let us liken this to our own spiritual natures and the One Power which is seeking outlet through each one of us. God is the original Sea of Life that flows through everything. There is a Divine pressure back of all our acts and our thoughts, which seeks the outlet of wholeness and happiness and peace and joy. And if there were nothing in us that inhibited or stopped its action, we would be whole.

Remember that each one of these individual fountains is supplied from the same source, and remember that there is but one pressure back of them all. The fountain itself did not make the water that flows through it, nor did it create the pressure that causes this water to flow. The fountain is merely an outlet, and it will be a perfect outlet unless something blocks it.

In this same way each one of us is rooted in God. We did not create God nor did we create the Divine pressure that seeks outlet through our actions. But because we are individuals we can inhibit its flow, we can block it, we can stop it, we can squeeze it down to a small volume or by opening up the channels of faith and belief and hope within us we can increase its flow.

Let us consider another illustration. Let us think of a great body of water up in the High Sierras. We wish to bring this water down to irrigate the valleys and make the desert bloom and produce fruit. And the first thing that we meet are certain obstructions — there are hills and other mountains in the way. And then we discover that water will reach its own level by its own weight. We discover that if we can put a pipe into the main body of water on the highest peak all of this water will flow down through this pipe, over other hills and across other valleys, and finally reach its destination by its own force.

Remember, there is plenty of water up on that high mountain. There is more of it than we will ever need to irrigate all of our land. But the amount that will flow down to our particular plot will be limited by the size of the pipe we are using. If it is a one inch pipe we will get a one inch flow of water; if it were a ten foot pipe we would get a ten foot flow.