Read this inspiring message from Dr. Holmes given in his live Sunday talk from October 30, 1955.

One quote from the talk: “Everything in this world is a copy. Now don’t think that is silly. One of the greatest books I have read was an explanation of Einstein and Arthur Eddington by a great scientist and Einstein wrote the foreword and said he agreed with this man and this man said the new physics is beginning to treat of the physical world not as though it were something in itself but more as though it were a shadow cast by an invisible substance. No different than Plato saying everything here, is a copy of what is inward, and our Bible saying, “Do this according to the pattern shown thee on the mount.” There is a perfect man, a spiritual man, a Divine man back of the physical and the mental. He too is seeking to come out into the joy of the expression of God. All art, all invention, all genius, all creativity is something echoed from this Divinity through the emotion and into the intellect which does the best it can with it, blunderingly.”