Now, you can’t beat nature at her own game. At least no one has ever succeeded in doing it. We are born with an urge to express life. We are born with a desire to unite our living with others, to enjoy people and to live creatively. It seems as though something dynamic entered into us when we were born, an impulse to enter into the joy of living and to give vent to those thoughts and feelings, those emotional urges and impulses which every normal person has.

Now you might ask: “What has all this got to do with love?” It has everything in the world to do with love. For love is the givingness of the self, the imparting of the self to people, the projection of the self into the activities of life. Love is one of the supreme emotions in your life. Without love everything is drab and without meaning.

But love has another need of its own – it must be loved in return. You’ not only wish to love others, you also wish them to love you. Otherwise the circle isn’t complete. When you love others and they return this affection, you are happy. But if your love is rejected, then you feel isolated and alone, unhappy and depressed.

A large percent of juvenile delinquency is the result of a lack of affection, cooperation and understanding in the family life. Love really is the integrating factor of the family. The child must feel wanted and needed and loved. He must feel that he is understood and appreciated. He must feel the warmth and the color of affection.

If you were to trace the mental, the emotional and spiritual background of the average criminal, you would probably find that he was conditioned, early in life, to feel a sense of rejection. His emotional craving for affection had been rejected. Because of this he feels isolated, separated, as though he were alone in the world. Therefore he feels that he must build up an aggressiveness that fights everything down.