Transcript from Ernest Holmes radio show from February 10, 1952.

Every doctor knows that when he can get the good people inside working with him, things are going to come out all right. We break a bone and when it is set, nature gets busy and all the good little people begin to knit the bone together again, and all the time they are causing the blood to circulate so there will be no infection.

But we are learning that we can interfere with these little people inside us because they are subject to a greater intelligence than theirs, which is the person himself.

One of the most popular psychologists in America told me he once suffered from indigestion and the thought came to him that he could talk to these little people inside him and tell them that it really was their business to take care of his digestion. So he talked to these little people for a few moments every day and told them how wonderful they were and how much he appreciated what they were doing and that he wasn’t going to be interfere with them anymore. He was going to be happy and he knew they would take care of everything for him. He praised them and blessed them and in a few weeks his physical condition cleared up.

Well, this is a body-mind relationship. It is reducing psychosomatic to its simplest common denominator. There is an intelligence hid at the center of everything and we are intelligent and the lower form of intelligence responds to the higher form. The intelligence in the physical body is a subconscious intelligence. It works creatively, but within certain fixed limitations. It is like a man sent on an errand and told what to do and knowing only to do what he is told.

These little people inside us are supposed to be working for us and with us but we can so disturb them that they work destructively instead of constructively.

This can be carried to such an extent that the wrong direction given to these little people produces a large part of our physical disease. But right direction can reverse this process and produce physical well-being instead of disease. And we now know that while hate, animosity and confusion can produce discord, love can heal it.