It seems necessary that the intelligence of the human race shall draw from a larger field of intelligence. Emotionally we lean on a God bigger than we are. Intellectually, philosophically, we lean on a God who has values, purpose, on a God who is present in every act. Religiously, we lean on a God who is as a father to his children. Logically we lean on a God who must exist, disregarding what we think God is. That is, if we are going to reduce the thing to logic, we shall see that the truth is that which is that is the first axiom of reason. Logically, God has to be certain things, and scientifically speaking, we lean on a God demonstrated in human experience and demonstrable more or less at will in human experience, a Universal Principle of Mind, of thought.

But, in order to get a full view of God, we shall have to put together the emotional, the logical, the intellectual, the psychological, the psychic, the philosophical, the religious and the mathematical angles and we shall have to see what all of these different fields offer to the sum total of human wisdom and then we shall have to add them all up and say: “Today that is the best God we know.” We shall never know a better God until we discover more truth, more beauty, more love, more practical application of scientific principles, and better logic because unless logic is based on a correct premise all of its conclusions will be false. Therefore, we see that whatever God is, God is the sum total of everything that appears to be. God is the this which we understand plus the more which we feel. God is that thing which we can demonstrate plus the greater possibility which the scientific mind still searches after. God is the “good life” of the philosopher, plus the intimate presence of the religionist.

Therefore, we shall approach God, if we approach Him rightly, from the levels of emotion, of feeling, of instinct, of intellect and of research. For why should we say that electricity is not God as the law of electricity? Is that not also some part of the universe? Has not science demonstrated that energy is eternal, that the stuff out of which all forms are made is indestructible; that in this vast change in which we live, the flux and flow and ebb and tide of evolution, there is a constancy, a consistency that there is in the midst of all movement something which does not move?