With due modesty I might even say that several of my own books have for years been among the best sellers in this field and of course, they have all dealt with the creative power of thinking. Millions of magazines are printed each month for those who believe in the creative power of thought and who are trying to use it. There would not be such a vast inquiry and eager attention unless there were a great truth involved.

The relationship of our thinking to what happens to us, both in our bodily health and our circumstances, is one of the greatest discoveries man has ever made.

But if we were to ask: How is thought creative? we couldn’t answer the question any more than: Why does a chicken come out of an egg? or Why do acorns become oak trees? or Why does gravity hold everything in place? When we discover a principle in nature we have to accept it. We cannot explain why thought is creative, but we can accept the fact and see what we can do with it.

We are operated upon by mental and spiritual forces just as we are operated upon by physical ones; just as gravitational force holds a physical object in the place we set it, so there is another kind of force that operates upon our thinking and tends to bring into our experience those things which we hold in mind.