MIND HEALING was written by Ernest Holmes and William L. Barth in 1934.

The protest has been frequently made that this new branch of healing is limited to merely inconsequential nervous disorders and slight forms of illnesses, largely mental rather than physical in their nature, and that only such cases prove themselves amenable to mental treatment. Organic diseases of any kind, it has been strenuously insisted, are by their very nature in a physical and material category and as such curable only by material means. Experience, however, has demonstrated that even the most hopeless cases of organic disease have been perfectly cured solely by the power of Mind or Spirit. Indeed, the most striking and convincing testimonies in the field of mental healing are of those pronounced hopeless and organically incurable by medical science.

Unless we flippantly discredit all human testimony, we are forced to the conclusion that bodily healing of all manner of sickness by mental or spiritual means is a fact. Irrational unbelief is a subjective disease and like any other disease needs to be healed.

The plain facts are the whole of medical science is undergoing a series of most remarkable theories and methods formerly universally accepted as fundamental. Physicians of the highest repute are assiduously betaking themselves to a serious study of mental phenomena and mental processes and are endeavoring to correlate them with their exact clinical knowledge; they are beginning to realize the incredible possibilities of dominion resident in the dynamic forces of the mental realm. More and more we see the older methods of drugging being discarded, and the newer methods, based upon mental premises, adopted.

Mental healing has arrived in the most orthodox of medical circles and is being increasingly approved as a legitimate and useful healing agent. There is no longer any question among intelligent physicians that morbific passions and emotions are the direct precursors of many physical ailments, if not indeed their primary cause, and that there also is a psychic factor in all healing, whether mental or material. The only question now is to what extent does the mental enter the physical and what are the most efficient methods of utilizing the facts which have been brought to light in this newer realm of procedure.