There have been people like Jesus, and a good many others, who have experienced what we call cosmic consciousness. They have looked through the material universe into a spiritual universe, and they have announced this spiritual universe. If we could for one moment break through this shell that we are looking with, we would see reality. We believe that there is a Spirit in humans. This Spirit is God. This same Spirit is in all people, and the Spirit that is in you is the Spirit that is in me. It is one Spirit, just one, always one. The Spirit that is in the dog is the same Spirit. The life principle in the tree is the same thing. There is one Spirit, but there are different manifestations of it.

This thing that we call the personality is the objective evidence of the use we are making of our invisible and subjective individuality, the projection of the power, presence, and intelligence in us, as us. In other words, consciousness itself is God – one indivisible, infinite, and eternal reality. Our conscious use of our individuality personifies it.

I have always held that ideas do not belong to anyone. All ideas derive from God, therefore no idea belongs to anyone, but we all have access to every idea in the divine providence. It is like the figure two. What intelligent mathematician would say, – The figure two belongs to me? The mathematician knows that it is impersonal; the concept belongs to the universe. It can be used many times and there is just as much left.

We need to believe that reality is already delivered to us – reality as we see it, according to our awareness of it. This is the whole essence of spiritual mind treatment. How can we give an effective treatment if we are just mumbling a lot of words – A treatment must not be like that. We must believe in our own treatment if it is going to be effective.