I always say that at every funeral because it is true. Life is, life is self existent, nothing made God. The fundamental premise of our whole philosophy is that we live in a self existent universe, self sustaining, self energizing, self perpetuating, self knowing, self acting and that the entire manifestation of life exists for the delight of Its creator. We are not here to get saved, we are not lost, we are not here to glorify God, he isn’t that much out of material. We are here to express that which is, and that is what accounts for all those inward feelings, that everyone has, nebulous, incoherent at times, sometimes nearer the surface than at other times but a steady persistency back of all things, an urge to live, to sing, to dance, to express life, to create.

That is why it is known that the life that doesn’t create physically dies and mentally dies in order that it may get a new deal again, because of the congestion of the uncreated life which came with us and we didn’t do anything with it. Now whether it is a child making mud pies or a new Pope choosing his new Cardinals, one is not more important than the other in the sight of the Eternal. We are so accustomed to big and little, good and bad, up and down, over and across, right and wrong, sin and salvation, that it is difficult for us to believe this, you and I believe there is nothing but God, there isn’t anything else, God is the snail out here, this does not in any way lessen God, it does glorify the snail, we are each that incarnation of a divinity and against each presses the insistent urge that will not let anyone alone because it is there, life and more life.

Now very few people understand the meaning of a spiritual universe because they think, mistakenly, that the spiritual universe is philosophical and religiously a theory, they do not know that the universe we are looking at now is that universe, the universe we are in now, they are looking for an eternity when things will be all right. They do not know that they are in that eternity now, they are looking for a salvation which they already have, even though they are not using it with freedom and in joy.