Dr. Carrel, in an article on prayer, has suggested that faith is a luminous and self-creative energy. Faith lays hold of a Power which is not only creative, but which creates out of Its own being. It is self-energizing.

The creative energy of Spirit must be limitless. Therefore we can set no limit to the possibility of what it can do for us. Undoubtedly It is able to give us infinitely more than we have expected, understood or accepted. We must believe that It will not only make the gift, It will also, out of Its own energy, out of Its own power, out of Its own Being, create the way, the method and the means through which the gift is to come to us.

This is the Reality with which prayer deals. Infinite in Its possibility, ever ready to respond, the Creative Spirit awaits our recognition. We must learn to have faith, to walk in the light.