He went home and stayed by himself for a whole week, trying to make his mind receptive to divine guidance, and he asked that God would give him whatever ideas were necessary to re-establish himself. He kept himself in a receptive mood, with this one thought in mind: “Divine Intelligence within me knows what to do.” He kept his mind in a prayerful and an expectant attitude.

During this week, when he was alone, an idea came to him which he felt could be applied to his business. And so he brought this idea to his partners, whose first reaction was that it was perfectly ridiculous. It couldn’t be done. No one had ever done it that way and it wouldn’t work. “But,” he said to them, “we are up against it. We have tried everything else. We are on the brink of failure. We really haven’t anything to lose.”

So they decided that since they had nothing to lose there was no reason why they shouldn’t tryout any idea. The thoughts that had come to him in his meditation were so clear and so definite that they were like a chart which they could follow. They were like instructions which could be carried out. And so they applied these ideas to their business and in a few months the firm was again on a sound footing. They were prosperous and expanding. It became the habit of all of them to gather together for meditation for the direct purpose of receiving divine guidance in their everyday affairs.

This man was so impressed by what happened, he was so moved by it, that he decided to withdraw from business and spend the rest of his life as a spiritual counsellor for people who were trying to solve practical problems of everyday business life. He called this “God in Business.”

Here is a very simple story of the practical application of divine guidance in everyday life. And the lesson we should learn from it is that we all have access to the power and the intelligence of This Thing Called Life. There is a place in your mind where it merges with the Divine. There is a secret place of the most High within everyone, and we should seek to discover this secret place. There is a Power greater than we are, and we should learn how to use it.