I once worked with a woman for several months who almost continually heard voices, or thought she did and this is not at all an uncommon experience. These voices seemed to keep her awake at night. She was so obsessed with the idea of obsession that for sometime it was impossible even to convince her that she was really holding a conversation with her own mind.

Finally, one evening, while working for her, it came to me so clearly that there is only one Mind in the universe and this Mind cannot be obsessed; that she represented this Mind, since God is all there is. The next day I called on her and was met at the door by a person who was completely transformed. She greeted me with the words, “I’m all right.” Naturally, I asked her just what had happened and she said, “Sometime during the night it came to me that my whole trouble was with myself; that I have actually been controlled by thoughts which I now know were my own.”

This mind of ours is a funny thing, isn’t it? Deep laid thought patterns tend to reproduce themselves in our imagination, sometimes waking us out of a deep sleep with a worried, uneasy feeling, and seldom indeed waking us with a song of joy, Yet, always we are striving for this song because something deep within us, deeper than all our experiences, seems to be telling us that everything is all right with the soul and that life would be good if we knew how to live it.

We used to think that we must be well in order to be happy. But we now know, as one prominent physician has said, that we have to be happy if we wish to be well. In such degree as the mind is operating against itself, it makes the whole body unhappy. How can the feet dance unless the mind is nimble? How can the heart beat in rhythm with life when the mind is singing a hymn of hate or chanting a funeral dirge? How can the hands be steady and skillful if the mind is jumpy and timid? And how can a man have hope unless he has faith?

Now, believe it or not, the Bible and particularly the New Testament – a long time ago suggested a sure cure for our mental ills, which give rise to so many of our physical troubles and certainly create all our unhappiness, our sense of insecurity, and our fear of life. In modern terms we speak of the re-integration of the personality, and physicians trained in the field of psychiatry are spending their time taking people apart, mentally, and putting them together again.