It will be helpful in the beginning of this study to lay aside, for the time, being, all preconceived opinions and conclusions. Nothing need be taken for granted nor anything be accepted without the most careful thought; but, inasmuch as some statements may be new to the student, he should not hastily discard them because they do not seem to harmonize in every detail with that which he has formerly believed as truth. The Science outlined in these pages is not a personal opinion; it is the patiently garnered fruit of the best thought of the best minds of the ages. Thinkers from every realm of science, philosophy, and religion have made their contribution to this teaching. The Truth it unfolds is basic, in its essence, to the Truth as taught by Jesus and the enlightened sages of every great faith. These facts are stated that the student may see at the beginning of his study the universality and comprehensiveness of Religious Science.

There is nothing in this study that in any wise should offend the highest spiritual sensibilities of anyone. Religious Science reads the Bibles of every age and faith:

It teaches that man is naturally religious; that the hunger for an understanding of spiritual Reality underlying all life is universal and as such is in. wrought into the very texture of man’s essential nature. It is deep calling unto Deep – the Eternal Spirit within revealing Its presence and life. Every man’s faith, in so far as it harmonizes with Reality, is a true faith. Truth is the universal expression of the Omnipresence of God and never has been encompassed in the fullness of its meaning by any single mind. The scientist of our own day as well as the saint of ancient days is a prophet of God unfolding to us the Truth that is eternal. Surely such a view of life must appeal to the most reverent and devout.