This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on November 14, 1954.

Quote:  “Now we all want to be happy. What is it that is the barrier to happiness? It is natural to be happy. It is normal to be happy. Therefore it is unnatural and not normal to be unhappy. What are the frustrations that produce this? Man is born to sing, to dance, to build, to express some creative urge in him and when by reason of any fact that creative urge is repressed and it doesn’t come into self-fulfillment or self-expression it begins to destroy him physically and it can never destroy his mind but it can greatly confuse it, what insanity is, really and therefore there is a pressure against everything to create. I believe that the pressure that makes somebody dance is the same thing that makes the seed produce a plant, causes the rose to blossom and the bird to sing and it is all one flow. We call it God, psychology may call it the Id and the Libido, these just are names for something that has a need to come out and live.”