Science of Mind Sourcebook by Dr. Tom Sannar


Indispensable guide to researching the works of Ernest Holmes by Dr. Tom Sannar

928 pages in RTF text format usable in word processing programs


Anyone seriously interested in researching the works of Ernest Holmes is going to want a copy of Dr. Tom Sannar’s Science of Mind Sourcebook.

Originally published in 2008, this 2021 version is packed with over 900 pages of quotes from Ernest Holmes, analysis of his writings. lists of every known available book that Holmes published and much much more!  All is in Rich Text Format (RFT) that can be opened in any word processor.  From there, simply read the Sourcebook for the wisdom it contains….or search for particular words and phrases to find exactly what Holmes said about a particular topic.  Then, access the text to be copied for use in other documents.  This document makes researching Holmes a snap!

From the introduction by Dr. Sannar: “A true student of the Science of Mind wants to be aware of everything Dr. Ernest Holmes has written. Most of us do not have the time to research all of the works of Holmes. However, by carefully studying this Sourcebook we can become experts in the teaching. It has been my goal to read and summarize all of the writings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and then produce a one volume Sourcebook to be used by ministers and students for research and inspiration.”

This is a valuable tool that you will use time and time again!