We are always attracting the love of others, or their criticism. We are drawing assistance and cooperation into the orbit of our personal experience, or else we are creating frustrations and disappointments. This is because we are always thinking. Mind is the most active thing in the universe. It works ceaselessly, fashioning thoughts into things. Everything we think goes into the grist-mill of Mind to come forth in our experiences.

We have reached a very happy place indeed and a desirable stage in our growth, if we have come to the place where we no longer give expression to negative ideas. Always we should go on to higher levels; always we should be seeking to purify our thought processes. It must have been this idea which led the deep thinker of antiquity to say, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, and be acceptable in Thy sight, Oh Lord!” For it is the hidden thought and belief that holds the outer form to the continuous activity of the Creative Mind which surrounds us at all times.


Most certainly Jesus laid down the fundamental law of mental life when he told us it is done unto us as we believe. How necessary it becomes that we lay a solid foundation for our belief. Just what are we going to believe in? This is really what matters. Do we believe that the universe is for us or against us? Naturally, our beliefs are personal and we all hold individual thoughts about God and the universe. This is as it should be, but there are certain dominant beliefs which we should entertain, and certain fundamental truths which we should all come clearly to see if we hope to make the most effective use of the Science of Mind.