We live because God lives in us. We think because the Mind of God thinks through us. And we are able to act creatively because the Mind that created everything is creating something new in us.

Here are the first steps, then, in acquiring spiritual self-reliance: to believe in God with our whole being; to believe in the reality of our spiritual selves as forever one with God, and to establish a continual communion with that God who is both within and round about us.

And last, but not least, we find that all the great souls have acted on their vision, having received it, they no longer remained passive. They carried the vision into action in human affairs. They were like perennial mountain tops which flowed down into the valleys to irrigate the land. They were like people who listen to some celestial song in the silence of their own souls and then sing it over again that others may hear. They were those who went into the secret place of the most High within themselves and received the healing balm of life, then took it into the market place that others could be made whole.

Jesus applied his spiritual power for every sort of purpose. The healing of the sick, feeding the multitude, and all the other miraculous things that took place in his experience were a direct result of having followed the first three rules fundamental to acquiring spiritual self-reliance: believe in God; believe in your spiritual self; communion with God, talking to God, letting God talk to you and then, out of the inspiration that comes, carrying this power and this conviction into the affairs of everyday living.

Let us, then, see how this would work out in our experience. And let’s start with a suppositional case of someone who lacks confidence in himself. He has no self-reliance whatsoever. He thinks of himself as weak and inadequate, he is filled with fear and disappointment. He is frustrated because his fondest hopes have been shattered on the rocks of experience. His boat is adrift on an ocean of uncertainty. It seems as though there were no chart, no compass, no guide, no pilot, only aimless and uncertain drifting.