I do not believe there is a single fact in human history or a single manifestation in the universe, which is or could possibly be anything other than a manifestation of the One Divine Mind, the One Universal Presence, the One Infinite Spirit.

It seems to me that it is only as we view all life, everything from what we call great to what we call small, important or unimportant – it is only as we view the whole thing as “one stupendous whole, whose body nature is with God the soul” that we shall really enter into communion, into sympathetic oneness and rapport, with the reality of all that is about us. Someone asked me: “What do you think God is?” I looked out the window and said, “I think God is that tree.” And there was a squirrel running up the tree and I said, “I think God is that squirrel.”

It is going to be absolutely impossible for us, with our finite comprehension, to have the intelligence to divide the indivisible and to say this is real and that is unreal. The market place is as real as is the temple. That is why Jesus said that it is neither in the temple at Jerusalem nor in the mountain but in yourself that the secret of Life is discovered, that the Soul of the Universe is consciously entered into and the Divine and benign Spirit which indwells everything is loosed in Its splendor and power through you – through your partnership with the Infinite, through your oneness with God the living Spirit.

Everything that lives proclaims the Glory of God. Every person who exists manifests the Life of God. There is One Spirit in which we live, One Mind by which we think, One Body of which we are a part and One Light that lighteth every man’s pathway.

We are a part of the evolution of human destiny; we are a part of the unfoldment of the Divine Intelligence in human affairs. It has reached the point of conscious and deliberate cooperation with that principle of evolution and out-push of the creative urge of the Spirit, on this planet at least, to bring about innumerable centers which It may enjoy. Also we may enjoy It through that Divine interior awareness which is the intercommunication of God with man, revealing our own Divine nature.

Having had the privilege of starting Religious Science, I would wish, will and desire above all things else that the simplicity and purity of our teaching could never be violated. There is a purpose of simplicity, a consciousness of unity, a straight-line thinking in our philosophy that has never appeared before in the world outside of the teachings of men like Jesus and Emerson.