I am wondering if this isn’t a good illustration of our everyday life. Too much of the time we are startled or frightened or discouraged by the shocks we encounter. We do bump along the road of life, sometimes up in the air and often clutching at the slightest straw to regain our poise and balance.

We can put the physical body into a car and float along on its shock absorbers. But what about this funny mind of ours, these strange and varied emotions we have? Have we found a shock absorber for the mind? I am afraid that most of us haven’t and the road gets pretty tough at times and we are so busy trying to keep from falling out of the car that we often fail even to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape around us. Yes, we do need some kind of a mental shock absorber so that the disappointments of life and its fears and failures will not put us off balance.

Let’s imagine that the mind is a vehicle which we can liken to an automobile that carries us along on the varying pathways of life, either in comfort and enjoyment or dreading what’s going to happen. For the road ahead of us is always more or less uncertain and life, if it is be happily lived, must be be met with a good natured flexibility, a calm, a poise and a balance that enables us to go along with ourselves and others in peace and joy.

When we get up in the morning, if we have had a good night’s sleep, we are reinvigorated by a silent process of nature which seems always to be rebuilding the worn out parts of the body. This is one of the great miracles of life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had an automobile that, when we put it in the garage for the night, would rebuild all of its parts while we were asleep? It would never wear out. And yet, this is exactly what nature is doing for our physical bodies.

But if a person sleeps fretfully and tosses around during the night, dreaming of all sorts of confusing things, keeps waking up and rolling over and going to sleep again, he doesn’t feel very rested when morning comes. It is only when we let the bed hold us up that we relax. It is only when we have first gotten rid of our mental confusions that we can sleep well. It is only when we lie down in the soft arms of peace and relax our whole being that nature can restore our physical bodies.

Let go and really let God take over.