On the other hand, experience has taught us that all prayers are not answered and yet, we cannot doubt the sincerity of all who pray. So we want to arrive at a basis for prayer that will give us a reason for believing in its effectiveness. We want to believe in the availability of good and we all feel the need of a security that comes only through a deep and abiding faith in life. Let us, then ask ourselves a few simple questions such as these; first, what is prayer? Second, to what do we pray? Third, where do we pray? And fourth,how do we pray?

Suppose we begin with the first question: What is prayer? And no doubt some interesting thoughts will come to us as we consider this question. For prayer, no matter how sublime, most certainly is an activity of our thinking. It is an act of the mind based on the belief that there is a Power greater than itself which responds to our approach. It is the invoking of a higher Power, and a Power to which we believe all things are possible, for as Jesus said, all things are possible to God.

Of course, we all may have a little different idea about God. But I don’t think this is of any particular consequence for we all are individuals and naturally should have different ideas. But throughout alI time and in every race and creed and religion, people have believed in a higher Power and have prayed to it. And I don’t think you and I are in a position to doubt their sincerity or criticize their methods.

There is something about the human mind which knows that there is a higher Power or else we wouldn’t pray at all. There is something about all of us that knows, as though God Himself had told us that there is a Law of Good which is available, not only in the time of extreme need but at all times. For we couldn’t believe that God waits for us to become destitute before He comes to our rescue. Nor can we believe that Divine Love withholds itself from us. It is this common belief in a Power greater than we are that is back of every man’s prayer.