If we are to get the most out of life and enjoy the best possible physical health, we must learn how to combine the arts and skills of science with prayer and faith. Any doctor will tell you that he prefers to have a patient who has faith, and we all know that the more faith one has in his physician, the more his physician can do for him.

Man is more than a physical body, and you and I believe that he is more than a mental mechanism. He is also a living spirit. And just as modern psychosomatic medicine is telling us that we can hardly tell where the mind begins and the body leaves off, so we wish to consider that we can hardly tell where the spirit begins and the mind leaves off. For spirit, mind and body are closely and intimately related with each other.

You are really a spiritual being, having a mind and using a body. Life has given you a body to use, a mind to think, and a spirit to act. It is the relation of this spirit to the mind and body that we wish to consider. I am personally convinced that if we find the right relationship between spirit, mind and body, and then see to it that the body cooperates with the mind and mind cooperates with the spirit, we shall discover that physical healing can and ought to be closely tied in with faith, prayer and spiritual meditation.

Spiritual mind healing means that we keep some part of our thought open to the influx of spiritual power; that we actually believe in it and definitely train our thought to accept the simple fact that God is right where we are and that a Power greater than we are can always be called upon and that it will always respond.

In actual practice this would mean that you take a definite time each day to sense and feel the Divine Presence around you. In order to do this it seems better to reduce your thoughts to a few Simple statements or affirmations, such as saying, “God is right where I am;” “Divine Life flows through me now;” “I am one with the Presence and the Power of the Infinite.”