Beginning in the June 1939 issue of Science of Mind magazine and continuing for 12 issues through May 1940, Ernest Holmes wrote essays on the meaning of “The God Within You”.  Now, all 12 parts are combined into this one document.

In the series, Holmes discusses these 12 concepts:

  • The life that is within you
  • The mind that is within you
  • The law that is within you
  • The power that is within you
  • The friend that is within
  • The healing presence within you
  • The peace that is within you
  • I Am the master of your destiny
  • I Am the abundance within you
  • I Am the creativeness within you
  • I Am the sustainer with you
  • I Am the Christ within you.

These writings by Dr. Holmes are certainly going to be a great addition to your spiritual understanding of life and your metaphysical library!

NOTE:  A modified version of this series was used in a small book entitled Your Invisible Power which contained other text as well.  That book used in Parts 2 and 3 of it, the same 12 concepts listed above and similar but not identical text.  Parts 1 and 4 were totally different. Your Invisible Power was first published in 1940 and later reprinted in 1988.