But love is also the greatest of all healing agencies. A vast majority of our physical disorders can be traced back to an inward sense of insecurity which comes from a lack of confidence in life. Love creates confidence; confidence gives self-assurance, and self-assurance is necessary to a successful if life.

Love is also forgivingness. Love overlooks the little differences and finds a point of reconciliation with others. Love creates tolerance and understanding, without which we unconsciously become filled with criticism, condemnation and false judgement. No person can be happy or enjoy the greatest degree of fulfillment unless he has learned that most people try to do about the best they can. When we reach back beyond the indifference and coldness of life, intolerance and unkindness, only then do we meet that Divine center which is forever established within every person.

This is why people who believe that God is Love, who persist in maintaining an attitude of good will toward others, meet people on a common basis of sympathy, kindness and understanding. We all know that when we have problems which we do not know how to meet, the best thing we can do is to find someone to whom we can talk who has a deep understanding of life, a great tolerance for living, and who, in his own experience, has learned that just simple human kindness is one of the greatest things on earth.

Since the very nature of our being is rooted in the need to love and to be loved, we are right when we assume that God is Love. And assuming that God must be Love, how could we think of a God who could, under any circumstance, be either unkind or unloving?

If we could get this firmly rooted in our minds, all harshness would go out of our religious or spiritual ideas about life. We should no longer feel that there is a God who seeks retribution or that there is a Divine Power that would cosign or condemn anyone to a state of perpetual unhappiness. While it is true that as a mans sows so must he reap, it is also true that when he stops sowing hate he will begin to reap love. When he stops sowing fear he will begin to reap faith. And so Jesus told us of a Divine forgiveness based on His belief in a Divine Love, and told us that when we find the one, we shall also discover the other.