Faith then is a belief but it is a certain kind of belief. It is a mental attitude placed on the affirmative side, in agreement with the object of its desire no matter what medium it shall take to manifest itself. If a person has faith in God, he has faith in God about something, about the welfare of his own soul, the final outcome of truth, healing himself and so on. It is a certain affirmative way of thinking or mental agreement through his faith in God with the object of his desire whatever that object might be. So, when a man has faith, he believes often that that which has no objective existence at the present moment will be created and projected into his experience by the invisible Power which he calls God.

Faith is an affirmative mental attitude. The history of human experience proves that faith is potent and powerful in varying degrees. It is manifest in the life of every living soul. We see in the lives of all great people that indomitable spirit, that fire which refuses to become extinguished. Talent, though well-meaning without virile faith often flounders, while the genius of faith is that it never will stop and ask how strong the enemy is; it doesn’t know that there is an enemy!

Such faith produces results. We have seen it through the ages, whether in the healing of a disease, the building of an empire, the promotion of a great philanthropy, the projecting of a new philosophy of life. Every great institution started with faith. Why is this so? The analysis of how that which is true works is what we call science. The inquiry as to the reason it works that way is what we call philosophy. The union of our own lives in a spiritual sense with that reason is the essence of religion not theology which is unification.

What is back of this faith that works in everybody’s life? When there is such a universal manifestation of things, it is always certain that there is a universal Principle manifesting along the line of least resistance, always.