When one says there is a spiritual or mental principle which is self-demonstrating, it sounds at first as though we expected to get something out of nothing but when we stop to investigate and give thought to the subject we discover that the law governing any science is self-demonstrating. The law of electricity is self-demonstrating. We do not create it. We comply with its laws, thus we furnish the avenues or channels through which it may flow and then we receive its benefit. Every law is self-demonstrating consequently the law of spirit must be self-demonstrating. Just as there is a universal, potential energy in the air, which we call electricity, which by complying with its law furnishes us with energy, so there is a more subtle form of energy in the air which we will call intelligence or mind and spirit, which by complying with its laws will furnish to us energy, spiritual realization and mental comprehension. One of the oldest sayings in the world is that nature obeys us as we first obey it. First we must comply with the law then we may use it. This is not bondage, for we have perfect freedom in the law when we work with it. It is liberty under law. If we could have liberty without law many of us would mistake liberty for license. We can only enjoy liberty under law. Even in our human governments there is not freedom without law and as soon as the law is allowed to be broken by people, liberty ceases to exist in the community and no man’s life is safe. So it is in the universal law, all real laws are universal, liberty comes only through first understanding the law and then complying with it. The law of mind and spirit is no different from other laws. We must understand and comply with them. Now, as we know something about other laws so we know something about the laws of mind and spirit. We know we are surrounded by a universal, intelligent, creative energy which receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it and we know that since this energy is impersonal and receptive to our thought, it is done unto us as we believe, as proclaimed of old by one of the wisest men who has ever graced this planet with his presence, “It is done unto you as you believe.” That is, it is done unto us as we believe by a universal, intelligent and creative energy which receives the impress of our belief and executes it. Everything depends upon what we believe hence all teaching along the lines of metaphysics says this, you must believe only in the good if you wish to experience only the good. You must love if you wish to be loved.