It isn’t an accident that the compass needle turns toward the North Pole. There is an infinite relationship between the needle itself and that which draws it. This intimate relationship is explained in terms of what the magnet does to the needle. It makes it like itself. The needle is composed of countless numbers of tiny particles called molecules and these particles are in a constant state of motion. The reason that the needle is pulled toward the North Pole is because the magnetism of the North Pole moves all the tiny particles in the piece of steel in such a way that they move in the same direction as the molecules in the North Pole move.

When the tiny particles in the compass needle are moving in the same direction and with the same reaction as the particles in the North Pole, there is an activity in each of them that is alike. The magnetic power of the North Pole directs the action of the molecules in the needle that is drawn to it. It is just as if the magnetic of the North Pole were flowing through the needle and directing its course. You see, the needle then is being guided by an invisible power greater than it is.

This is an important part to consider in the relationship between the needle and the magnet. Before the magnetic power began to direct the tiny particles, or the molecules, of the needle, all these molecules were going in different directions. They were in a state of confusion. Certainly they were active but their activity was not pointed in a given direction. Now as soon as the invisible power of the magnet began to flow through the confusion of the molecule of the needle, they were brought into harmony and order and began to move as if they were one with and a part of this invisible force.

It is wonderful, to realize that a magnetic force in the North Pole, thousands of miles away, can reach into the heart of a needle at such a great distance so as to bring all of its inner parts into harmony and give purpose and direction to its movement. Let us use this illustration from nature to teach us a great spiritual lesson.

Instead of thinking about the North Pole as a magnetic center to draw needles, let’s think of the universal Mind of God as a North Pole for each of us. It is a magnetic force which draws everyone upward and onward in his life. Just as we think of God as the universal Magnet, let us also think of ourselves as the compass needle which can be guided by this Divine Intelligence when we permit it to magnetize us.