Two thousand years ago Jesus told his followers about a power available to anyone, to which all things are possible. And he laid down explicit rules for the use of this power. The thing that made Jesus different from others was his simple acceptance that there is a power of good available to everyone.

It was his use of this power that amazed those around him. It was the simplicity of his claim that made it hard to understand. And when he said, “It is done unto you as you believe,” it seemed as though he must have been talking about some distant future and not something that is true every moment of your life.

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is at hand; that this Kingdom contains everything necessary to your well-being; that This Thing Called Life waits for you to recognize its presence and use its power. Jesus placed salvation where it can be reached and entered into, here and now. His whole teaching was an affirmation of the availability of Divine Power.

This is exactly what we all need, for you and I know that we did not create the laws of nature; we did not set the stars in their courses or cause the sun to shine or the earth to revolve on its axis. Suppose we start with this simple proposition: we are surrounded by a creative Intelligence that acts on our thoughts just as gravitational force acts on physical objects. This is the key to the situation, and it is a golden key because it can unlock the doorway of opportunity to us. It can bring something new and wonderful into our experience.

We must accustom our minds to the thought that mental and spiritual laws act just like other laws in nature. Of course, no one has ever seen these laws, but did you ever see the principle of mathematics? Did anyone ever see Life itself? Science doesn’t claim that it sees the laws of nature. It merely says: We have discovered that such laws exist and through experiment we have found out how they work.

We know these laws exist because we can use them. Don’t be concerned, then, if somebody asks why the law of faith exists, or what does it look like. For no one would ever ask this question about any other natural law. They would merely say it exists, and why not use it?

Jesus proclaimed a law of good available to everyone. He said this law responds to your faith, and in saying “It is done unto you as you believe” he presented you with the key to the situation – it is done unto you, you don’t have to do it yourself.