And today we must also remember the love of the thousands of mothers whose boys are fighting for us on the battlefront of democracy. Our hearts go out in sympathy to them and our prayers are with them, joining with them in the hope that their noble sons shall be protected in the midst of battle by that greater Love which holds us all in an eternal embrace.

And, of course, we must not forget that there are other mothers whose thoughts and prayers are with their sons and so we all join in a universal prayer for peace on earth – a peace of justice and right, a peace of truth and freedom, a peace which leaves every nation and every individual free from the tyranny of oppression. Well did Edwin Markham say, “The greatest battles ever fought? I’ll tell you where and when. They were not fought on the battlefield, but in the hearts of the mothers of men.”

It is wonderful that God has so provided for us that when we first enter this world we come through the loving protection of a mother’s care, and that there is waiting for every new born babe the comfort, the warmth and the tenderness of a woman whose heart has been filled with an instinctive affection and a deep-seated desire to nurture and give of herself to the miracle of life of which she has been a part.

This is the distinction between mother love and other forms of love. The mother imparts her own being to her offspring. And we cannot doubt that in a larger sense it is God who imparts His own being to all of us, making each one an incarnation of the Divine Will, the Divine Life and the Divine Love.

The home that is blessed with this assurance is indeed a happy one. The mother and father who realize the sacred trust imposed on them when they are given children to rear and who have learned to trace the ancestry of their own children back to the Divine Parent, always have something to give their offspring which is lacking when this divine recognition is not there.