As I see it, the healing power of Mind is transcendent even of our imagination, and yet is a definite law in nature. I do not believe that faith goes beyond law, that wouldn’t be reasonable. But faith goes beyond doubt and introduces a more liberal form of the law. Just as we see these barrage balloons floating down here, lifting the weight of a mass, and the law of gravity holds it there, and rightly yet we introduce another element and without any effort the whole thing is lifted. I think that is the way faith works. There is a law of sequence producing disease. We do not deny that people are sick. If they weren’t sick, what would we be trying to heal them for? We merely affirm that if we introduce the right idea of life it lifts the consciousness into a transcendent position to the disease and actually removes the disease, not by destroying any law in nature, but by introducing a higher law.

Now, the Law of God is freedom. It couldn’t be otherwise, else God would be bound. But our use of the Law of God binds us to the use we make of It. That should seem very definite. For instance, the limitation is not in the Law, but in the way we use the Law. Here we are scurrying around to find some way to make rubber, and it will be found undoubtedly and used, in spite of all the controversy and we shall discover that the possibility of making rubber was not in the rubber plantations of South America or the Orient, the Dutch East Indies, or the Malayan states. That was one possibility. We shall discover that the possibility of making rubber, better and cheaper, is in America, in our own factories. But the lack of that knowledge is bondage until we convert that bondage into freedom. There is only One Mind and that is the Mind of God. Every one of us has access to It and uses It and looses as much of It as he is capable of perceiving and has imagination enough to know exists. But when an inventor invents something, that is just as much a creative act of God as when the planets were formed. God didn’t do something a hundred billion years ago and then go out of business. The universe is in an eternal state of manifestation and we are some part of that manifestation. And so we must not divorce our use of the creative Power of God from that creative Power Itself.