In this picture God is supposed to go on an international radio circuit to warn the world that it must change it s way of thinking and living if it is to survive, and if man is to achieve those miracles of love and faith necessary to the well-being of all humanity, the miracle of peace, of happiness and compassion, of cooperation and of mutual benefit.

In the picture God’s voice, which, of course, is never heard directly as an audible voice, is personally heard by everyone who listens in. Everyone hears the Voice in his own language, even though all nationalities are listening to the same broadcast.

Mr. Schary chose as the characters for this production a typical American family – just the average man and those nearest and dearest to him – the average family with its petty differences of opinion, its little controversies, and its great love for each other. Just the average family, wondering, as we all do: What is it all about? Is life a comedy or a tragedy? Does it have a meaning? Is there a common denominator for faith? And why is it that we are afraid of God? Or, do we believe in God?

I asked Mr. Schary how he happened to make this picture. He was intrigued with the idea, in the original material that everyone could hear the same voice but each in a different language. He was fascinated by the thought that could we all actually hear this inward Voice it would change the current of human events.

It is, as Mr. Schary said, the nature of man to seek God, and so throughout the ages religions have been formed that fit the needs of some particular way of belief. But whatever the form any religion takes, the purpose is always the same – always it is based on an inward conviction common to all people, that there is a supreme Intelligence guiding the universe and there is a real need for communion between God and man.

The ways in which we approach God are as different as our own individualities, but the purpose is always identical – to reach out toward a Power greater than we are and seek the guidance of an Intelligence that can direct our path into ways of prosperity and peace. There is but one God, and this God is, or should become, an immediate experience in our lives. We all should hear the Voice of God not a God who was, but the God who is.