The Power of Faith


This is the transcript from Ernest Holmes radio show “This Thing Called Life” from Sunday, September 24, 1950


I have often asked people, “Did you ever try an experiment with faith?” and frequently the answer has been, “why no, I wouldn’t know how to experiment with faith, as though faith were something separate from us, for faith is a certain way of thinking.

The whole life of Jesus was devoted to telling his followers and the world that there is a Divine Power available to everyone. This power is good and it responds to us when we use it rightly.

Let us then think about the simplicity of faith. We see that it isn’t anything we eat or drink . . . it isn’t the breath we inhale. It isn’t philosophy, science, psychology or theology. While all these things may be good, faith is something apart from them. Reducing it to its utmost simplicity we find it is a thing of thought, a way of thinking, a mental acceptance.

Faith is something that takes place in our own mind and now we have located it, we know where it is, what it is and how it functions. And since it is within, it is right where we are, and acts through our thinking.

If we wish to do so, we may acquire and use faith, and we need place no limit to what could be done with it because it is the power of God.

Of course our belief cannot change the nature of things. When all the people in the world believed the world was flat, it was still round. Their belief in a flat world, did not change the round world. But since their belief in the flat world was a denial of the round world, they never traveled around the globe until they came to understand the world as it really is.

When people came to understand the world to be round, Divine Guidance lead them to the opening up of new oceans, new continents, new rivers, new mountains and new valleys.