Now it stands to reason that since you and I exist, there is a previous existence, a Reality in which we always have been a potential individualization, in the womb of Nature, in the heart of God, in the mind of the Eternal. We do not earn life, we do not bargain for immortality. God is and does not change, and out of that beingness and that is-ness which God must be, all that is must proceed. We are living in a spiritual universe now, but we do not sense it. In such degree as we sense it by some interior awareness, by some illumination of our consciousness, then we transform earth into heaven; when the idea of harmony dawns upon our consciousness, the chaotic fear of hell is dissipated.

The Infinite Spirit is warmth and color, beauty and light, feeling, emotion. To each one of us It must be personal, since It is personified in us. We need never overlook that. But It is infinitely personal and the possibility of Its increasing incarnation is without limit. Individually we may transform our thought and so completely enter into the contemplation of the Universal I Am as God that the inevitable deliverance to us shall be a greater freedom, more even of what we call “this world’s goods.” The I Am is a Universal Spirit, responding to us, the breath of our breath, the identity of our person, the integrity of our own soul, the immortality of our spirit; a deathless, birthless, changeless Principle indwelling our own soul.

In practical application this is more than a theory. Unless with our enlightenment, that is, with our spiritual knowledge, we learn to use the Law accompanying that knowledge, we shall find, finally, that we have a lot or beautiful theories and do nothing about them. That is one of the great mistakes of our spiritual life, of our religious philosophies, we are very likely to procrastinate the day of good. The laws of mind and spirit may be just as scientifically applied as the laws of physics and chemistry. The summed-up knowledge in the field of Science of Mind, in its branches of metaphysics, of psychiatry, of psychology, of provable faith and workable thought, has delivered to us a scientific principle and a definite and specific technique, a way to use the principle.

The phenomenon of birth and death, the incoming and the outgoing soul, as it were, in this world, has been going on since time began on this planet, since the human race evolved-seedtime and harvest, change, change, change, The only permanent thing that there is, is change, and yet with all of this variation, this accumulation and advance which we call evolution, we notice that the eternal principles never vary. No two days alike, no two incidents alike, no two fingerprints alike, no two rosebuds alike – a vast infinite variation and yet we are conscious that in all these shifting scenes we remain, the ego.