You and I are not too concerned about the particular method anyone uses, because we know that all the different pathways of faith lead to one conclusion. And so we respect and have the deepest admiration for every man’s religion. But, being curious and wanting to know a little more of the why and the wherefore, we cannot help being interested in trying to find out just what happens when someone actually does pray effectively. We want to know more about the prayer that gets results.

Recently I read an article in a popular magazine, written by a minister, who said that when he was a boy his mother was very ill and in a hospital. She had tubercular kidneys and the doctor who attended her told his father that there was nothing further that could be done through medical science.

Now this man was a very simple but a very sincere person, with a deep spiritual conviction. He went to the bedside of his wife and knelt down and prayed. He sort of argued with God and in his prayer he told God that he and his wife were eternally united, that the children needed her and he needed her and that he didn’t believe the time had come for her to leave this world. It was a simple prayer, uttered by a simple mind, and yet, as a result of this prayer the miracle of life took place, the woman was actually healed. She was restored to her family and lived to rear them.

It wasn’t until years later that the mother told her son of this most remarkable prayer. She said that when her husband was praying she felt a new surge of life sweeping through her, as though she were receiving an electric shock. Something seemed to stir in her physical being as well as in her mind and when her husband rose from praying he said to her, calmly but sincerely, that he knew his prayer was answered, he knew that she would be restored to perfect health. And she was.