Now, the attitude of a person’s mind and its relationship in love and gratitude towards themselves would be the starting point. It has been said that we should not love ourselves that has been called conceit. There is a certain sort of self love which is conceit but there is also a legitimate love for one’s self and his work without which no person succeeds in life. Unless one loves his work he cannot draw from that work the greatest experience that lies in that work.

To what extent should we love ourselves? What should be the attitude in love and gratitude towards one’s self? Well, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, who is love; within each individual is the principle of love which is drawn directly from God. We have a perfect right then to love the reflection of the Almighty not only the right but it is our duty to do so.

Now how would this operate upon our own consciousness? I will say, for instance that I love myself and I do, most certainly I love myself just as I love you and as I love all people as I love myself and think of myself as being beautiful (that sounds like comedy doesn’t it that is the way I think of myself and they say that thoughts always externalize so that would seem in this case to be a contradiction of that truth.)