This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes radio show “This Thing Called Life” from January 20, 1952.

Quote:  “We all have certain needs and among the most important of these needs are that we shall have a sense of security, a feeling of well-being, a certainty about life. Also among these needs are that we shall love and be loved that we shall express life to the full that we shall be happy and whole. This includes our physical well-being, it also includes the environment in which we live, our home lives and social circles to which we belong and it includes a degree of success, happiness and prosperity that makes life worthwhile. Just as an artist wants to paint a picture or a dancer wants to dance or a singer wants to sing so you and I want to live creatively. And above and beyond everything else we want to feel that we are not alone or isolated or abandoned by the Divine that we belong to it and it belongs to us..”