We decided it would be a good thing for him to take a few moments each day to meditate and pray and with this one idea in mind: God wishes me to be successful. There is an Intelligence in the universe that responds to me. There is a law of good that is able to do anything. God is right where I am therefore, I do not have to go anywhere to find him. The law of good is right where I am therefore, I do not have to go in search after it. I live and move and have my being in this Divine Spirit and this perfect law. I believe it will respond to me therefore, I am going to trust it.

He was now trying to accept the answer to his prayer, even though he had not yet experienced its fulfillment. As Jesus said, “When ye pray, believe that ye have, and ye shall receive.” Let us say he was in this position: he had a garden plot and seeds to plant in it. He believed the soil could produce the desired crop. He had complete confidence in the creative ability of Life but he hadn’t actually planted the seed. He was hoping for a crop without having first complied with the law of nature which says, “Plant the seed, plant the seed and let the law of good do the rest.”

Or shall we say that he was like a man who had a hen and a dozen good eggs and he wanted to raise some chickens. Somehow or other, he had to get the hen and the eggs together. Now the eggs were willing, and the hen was willing, and he was willing, but if he kept the hen in the yard and the eggs in a basket, nothing would happen. It is necessary to put the eggs under the hen because she knows what to do with them. She just sets on them for twenty-one days rolls them over once in a while and chuckles to herself as she contemplates the happy event that is to take place.

You see, the hen doesn’t know how to make a chicken any more than you and I know how to create a cabbage, but by some divine guidance she knows how to sit on them, and there she sits as though she were guided by God’s Intelligence, which, of course, she really is. But the hen obeys this divine urge within her, and so she sits. And sure enough, in due season, life stirs inside the shells and the little chicks come forth ready to start the business of living on their own.