It seems to me that there are two basic facts or ideas about the secret that Jesus possessed and I believe these two ideas are fundamental to everything he said and did. The first part of his secret was that God is the Father of us all. Not just your Father, or my Father, but our Father – our Father which art in Heaven. But, unlike others, Jesus did not think of heaven as some remote place or far-off event. He plainly told his followers (and that means all of us) that heaven is within.

God was as real to Jesus as you and I are to each other – so close that we need not go in search after Him, for the secret place of the Most High is already at the center of our own being. Jesus talked to this Divine Presence within and around him as intimately as you and I speak to each other – a Divine Presence within us and within everyone else. The first part of the secret of the ages is to come to realize that such a Presence exists and responds to us. And Jesus tells us that this Presence is the presence of Love, of Life, and of Peace.

But Jesus said more than this and this is the second part of the great secret he unfolded for the ages. The Spirit is not only a Presence, it is also a Power. So we have two things to think about in discovering the secret of the ages. One is the Divine Presence and the other is the Divine Power. And the Divine Power is a law of good which is available for any and every good purpose.

Jesus communed with this Divine Presence and he definitely used this Divine Power. He plainly taught that we must first become acquainted with the Presence and then the Power will be delivered to us. He said if you know God, you will not only find an intimate companionship, you will also discover a limitless power. The coming to understand this Presence and this Power is what Jesus called knowing the truth when he said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”