There is a lot more good in the world than we realize, and it is this good in each other that we wish to bring out. Sometimes we feel that if we could change the world in a minute, through some miracle of love, all would be well. And this is true. But the world is made up of the people who live in it, and that means you and me. So each will have to begin right where he is. You will have to begin where you are and I will have to begin where I am, right now, today.
Haven’t you often met someone, just in passing, and said to yourself, “If I knew this man better I am sure that I would admire him”? Perhaps we are just a little too timid. Perhaps there isn’t quite enough give and take in life. We are all so much alike inside. We all do want people to like us, and we want to feel that we enter into their lives in some vital way. We all have the same needs, the same hopes and longings.

It doesn’t matter that we have different opinions, for we are all individuals, each is a person in his own right, and unity does not mean uniformity. But unity does mean that we get along as a human family. There are several hundred different churches in the United States, but they all believe in one God. We have two great political parties, but each believes in the United States. We have forty-eight states in one Union. It is not the different opinions that we need be concerned with, but how to get along with each other in one world.

The problem begins right at home, in your mind and in mine. Have we kindness for others? Are we flexible enough to know that everyone doesn’t have to think alike in order to get along? Are we able to put ourselves in the other fellow’s place? Can we overlook the irritations of life and reach across all difference of opinion to the common ground upon which we all stand and the united purpose toward which we all strive?