One of the most revealing things that has happened in recent years is the close relationship which has been discovered between the body and the mind. The modern physician is a physician to the mind as well as to the body. We bring a large part of our physical disorders upon ourselves through misuse of the very laws of mind that could as easily keep us well and happy.

A will to live and a will to be happy are necessary to our physical well-being. And yet, we say that self-preservation is the first law of life and at first thought we all believe that we do have the will to live. But the mind plays many tricks with us. By far the larger part of our thinking is unconscious. We are not even aware that it is going on. But this unconscious put of the mind is still creative and is silently building conditions into the physical body, for good or for ill, according to the direction that is given to this inner creative principle.

If we follow this our a little more closely we see exactly how it works. When a person feels that he is not wanted or needed or loved, then he unconsciously feels that there is something wrong with him. He doesn’t know just what it is, but he has this deep feeling about it, as much as to say, “If I were alright then people would want me, they would need me, they would love me.” In this way the person rejects himself and then suffers because of this self-imposed condemnation.

This creates an inner conflict in the mind, a sense of insecurity, a feeling that everything is wrong, that nothing is going to come our right. And out of this deep feeling of insecurity comes the anxiety complex, a feeling of apprehension and foreboding of evil that nothing is ever going to come out right. So the merry race goes on in the inner conflicts of the mind until finally the frustration is so great that the mind begins to destroy the body because all of the impressions it has received are destructive. And when this reaches a point where there is no longer a will to resist it, we say the person doesn’t have the will to live and so even nature cannot restore him, and in such cases he generally passes on.

What we need then, is some deep, underlying faith or conviction about life that will remove this inner conflict and let the original Divine pattern come to the surface, for we are all rooted in God, the living Spirit. Our roots run deep into creative soil of the Infinite Mind. And if we had not interfered with this Divine Life, if we had not stopped drawing straight from the roots of our being, we would be alright.