First let us begin with the thought that we are all united with invisible forces which are creative that already we are one with a universal Mind which can do anything. Next let us consider that we are centers in this Mind and that the sum total of all our thoughts is either silently attracting good to us or repelling it from us. The third is that we can change our thinking and in so doing, cause the Law of Good to act affirmatively for us instead of negatively.

Let’s start with the idea, number one. We are surrounded by a creative Mind which reacts to our thought. This is the basis of all faith and all effective prayer. This is why Jesus told us that when we pray we should believe we already have what we desire. When Jesus said that it is done unto us as we believe, he implied that there is a Power that can, will, and must react to us. But this Power has no choice other than to react to us in the way we think. This Power acts as a law operating on our beliefs. This is why he said it is done unto us as we believe.

Up until the time of Jesus it had been believed that God might help us, that there were concessions He would make if we pleased Him or if we performed certain rites or ceremonials. Jesus changed these suppositions into certainties. He said simply and directly that there is a Power that operates on your belief, the way you believe. Therefore, he added, be sure that you believe that you already have what you desire and then the Law of Good will bring it to you. But even the Law of Good, which is all-powerful, can bring you only as much good as you take. This taking is an act of your own mind, it is an act of faith.

No one else before Jesus had made such a claim. Only within the last hundred years, or less, have people come to realize that Jesus was talking about a spiritual Principle in which we all are rooted, which operates on our faith, our conviction and our acceptance.

It is the very simplicity of his claim that causes us to overlook its deep and dynamic meaning. Jesus was really saying this: You are surrounded by a Mind, a Power, an Intelligence or a Principle that receives the impress of your thought and acts upon it exactly as you think. Your thought is like an image held in front of a mirror. The mirror will always reflect the image exactly as you think it. The mirror itself is a law, reflecting back to you what you think.