It will take time to change your thinking but you must do most of your right thinking at home. You must live above anything that exists in your own home that is not absolutely perfect. “To him that hath shall be given.” If you have not got it in your mind then the little you have shall be taken away from you.

That is where intuition begins. You must get rid of any wrong mental attitude so long as you entertain it you will suffer. You can begin by ceasing to think about anything that is wrong, limited, unreal, less than perfect.

Begin with the smallest things, the little things that irritate and vex and fuss. Two hard things to get rid of are a sensitive nature and a very active temper. Nothing on earth should be allowed to hurt us for one minute. Most people are easily hurt; the female mind especially is more receptive and sensitive. This must be eliminated. It is hard but you must begin by absolutely refusing to let any external conditions enter your consciousness. It took me several years to eliminate sensitiveness from my consciousness and getting angry at everything. It may be all right to get angry and charge around perhaps it acts as a sort of safety valve but why not maintain the right mental attitude and poise. To get mad presupposes that there is something to get mad at and sensitiveness supposes false conditions.