For many years, Dr. Ernest Holmes led what was called the “Tuesday Invitational Class” where he expounded on many metaphysical topics at length.  Some of the transcripts of these special talks were published in the series of “Holmes Papers” books. Here we offer the text of his talk to this group from December 9, 1958, which has been previously unpublished!

In the lecture, Holmes discusses the importance of a practice of mental treatment so as to work on our consciousness; how our consciousness creates an action within the realm of the non-physical which leads to results in the physical world; an how by shifting our consciousness we can create a life of peace, love and a sense of transcendence.

Within Holmes states: “The thing we have to realize is that in such degree as our treatment is a statement of truth of what is, no matter what it contradicts, it doesn’t matter what it contradicts. As Aurobindo said, the transcendence transmutes, it does not reconcile, by which he meant you are now dealing with a different kind of a causation.”