Feel that the law has now taken up your desire and has brought to bear on it an Infinite Intelligence and an Absolute Power. Do not try to force the law or make it work. If you jump off a cliff there is a law that will bring you to the bottom, wherever the bottom is. You do not have to make the law work. It works because it is its nature to work.

Remember that you are surrounded by a universal law of Mind which receives the impress of your thought and operates on it. It will work if you believe that it will.

So sit quietly by yourself and think into the great Mind and let it assume the responsibility. This is what is meant by casting your burdens on the Lord. Sit there and see the thing as plainly as if you were looking at a picture that hangs on the wall. See it in all its details. Caress the idea with your thought, love it, and feel it.

Say, “I now hand this over to you, Great Mind of the Universe, take this and do it for me. I believe that you have done it. I know that you have done it. I accept it.”

– Ernest Holmes