I believe that the relationship between God and man, between the Infinite and the finite, is a direct one and that the avenue through which the Mind of God expresses to the mind of man is through the mind of man himself. We have the ability to think, to know, to perceive, to receive and to act. What are these attributes other than a direct channel through which the Universal Spirit flows to us?

I do not feel that we approach God through any formula, sacred prayer, or intermediary but rather that the Spirit of God, the eternal Mind is the Power by which we think and know. It is self-evident that the only God whom we can know is the only God whom we do know and that this knowing is an interior process of our own belief and perception. We can know no God other than the God whom our consciousness perceives.

But, some will say while it is true that we cannot think outside of ourselves, we can know that which is outside of ourselves because we do know things that are not within us. This is true, as it is true that we have a city hall but to me that city hall would have no existence unless I were first aware of the fact. It has no existence to those who never heard of it. This is true of everything and while the possibility of knowledge may and must expand, we cannot know that which we do not perceive.

Therefore, I feel that God is to each one what each is to God. The Divine nature must be and is Infinite but we can know only as much of this nature as we permit to flow through us. In no other way can God be known to us. I believe the relationship between God and man is hidden within and that when we discover a new truth or find out something further about an old truth, it is really more of this infinite Mind revealing Itself through us.